Trey Lance still top 10 choice 2021 NFL Draft do over

Trey Lance still top 10 choice 2021 NFL Draft do over


The NFL draft is an exciting time for football fans around the world. It’s a chance for teams to replenish their roster with new talent and for players to fulfill their lifelong dream of making it to the pros. In the 2021 NFL Draft, there were several outstanding picks already making an impact in the league. However, hindsight is 20/20, so many guesses, what might have happened if the teams had a lucky do-over. Will it be Trey Lance who won the 49ers’ wild card in the 2021 NFL Draught? To know more read the article below.

Remarkable Journey of Trey Lance

One player who is sure to remain a 10th pick is North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance. Lance entered the 2021 NFL Draft as one of the most intriguing players in the class. Despite playing at the FCS level, he has drawn comparisons to some of the best quarterbacks in the game, due to his unique skill set and raw ability. Lance was eventually selected by the San Francisco 49ers with the third overall pick, behind Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. However, Lance would still likely be considered a 10th pick in a do-over scenario for several reasons.

Reasons To Rank Trey Lance as the 10th Pick

  • First, Lance’s capabilities are simply too impressive to ignore. At 6’4” and 224 pounds, he has the prototypical NFL quarterback frame that allows him to see over the line of scrimmage and make accurate throws downfield.
  • He’s also a great athlete, with a 4.5 second 40-yard dash time that makes him a legitimate threat as a runner. These physical attributes are the foundation of what makes Lance such an attractive prospect, yet they will certainly find value in a do-over situation. However, it’s not just Lance’s physical tools that make him a top-10 pick.
  • He is exceptionally talented which keeps him apart from many of his peers. Lance played a run-heavy offense at North Dakota State. But was still able to put up impressive numbers as a passer.
  • He completed 65.0% for 2,786 yards, 28 touchdowns, and zero interceptions in his first full season in 2019.
  • Moreover, he did all this while averaging only 18 pass attempts per game. Lance’s ability to protect the football is a huge asset that NFL teams covet in a quarterback. With turnovers being such a critical part of today’s game, having a quarterback who can take care of the ball is invaluable.
  • Lance’s zero interceptions in 2019 speak to his decision-making ability and ball security, which makes him the most desirable prospect in any draft.
  • Another aspect of Lance’s game that makes him a top-10 pick is his talent. Despite his impressive numbers in college, Lance still views himself as a raw prospect with plenty of room to grow.
  • If Lance succeeds, 49ers supporters don’t care how well the other quarterbacks perform. Lance, like the others, showed potential during his rookie season. He went 1-1 in two starts but made a big impression in the Niners’ victory over the Houston Texans late in the season.
  • The No. 3 overall choice was essentially a wild card because San Francisco planned to make Lance the permanent starter in 2022. Except that any hype Lance had generated up to that point was all but immediately dashed by his now-famous Week 2 broken ankle.

Is It a Mistake to rank Trey Lance as the third overall pick?

Is it a mistake for the San Francisco 49ers to trade up in the 2021 draft and choose quarterback Trey Lance with the third overall pick? Lance has started just four games since then. His 2022 season cut shorts by a season-ending ankle injury. It appears that Brock Purdy, the final overall pick from the previous year, has inherited his starting position.
Lance still has time to change the situation. The 49ers return to the practice field in May after starting their offseason program the following week. The third-year quarterback hopes to establish his value this offseason and will be healthy for it.

Like the Jets’ selection of Wilson, the 49ers’ decision to trade up and select Lance after realizing they couldn’t trade for Aaron Rodgers hasn’t worked out, largely due to an ankle injury that ended the season that was supposed to herald his debut as a starter. But given what the team accomplished with Jimmy Garoppolo and Brock Purdy over the previous two seasons, many people are not going to give San Francisco a quarterback here because the one they would take (Fields) is already gone and, they would have found a workable QB or two anyway. Parsons, the defensive rookie of the year in 2021.

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