2024 NFL mock draft: Cardinals, Rams take Caleb Williams, Drake Maye

2024 NFL mock draft: Cardinals, Rams take Caleb Williams, Drake Maye


Although the 2023 NFL draft has just ended, analysts have turned toward the 2024 draft already! Although from today till April 2024, players might grow and enhance their skill set. However, teams keep an eye throughout the season on all players. As some of the players might drop out after the first match while there are few star players to be bet on. The NFL draft 2024 order will be highly influenced by the results of the Last Super Bowl and the ranking power of NFL players. In order to stay informed and entertained follow NFL streams. As NFL streams provide a platform for fans across the globe to access real-time information. It further allows the fan to interact and debate the analyst's results of NFL teams and players throughout the season.

NFL 2024 Mock Draft

1. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals' focal point in the 2024 draft is undoubtedly Kyler Murray. While in order to maintain the team's position they will have to backup strong supporting players for a rookie quarterback. On the other hand, in order to make an MVP-caliber player, Caleb Williams is so far the best choice for 2024.

2. Los Angeles Ram

Los Angeles Rams will be looking for local superstars in order to franchise. Having said that, Drake Maye was the first selection in this year's draft similarly, for 2024 he can serve as a Rams face for the franchise.

3. Tennessee Titans

One of the finest offensive tackles is chosen by Tennessee Titans in the 2024 draft. However, they miss out on the quarterbacks. As during the last season, Olu Fashanu was able to hit one quarterback which means that Tennessee is only beginning to unleash his potential.

4. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears are full of untapped potential players. For instance, Marvin Harrison would have been the top receiver if the clubs allowed to use him. Similarly, his father was a receiver of Hall fame and Marvi Harrison Jr can be equally explosive on the field if he is given a chance. Moreover, he can easily secure his position in the top 5 players of the Chicago Bears.

5. Indianapolis Colts

Brock Browers of Georgia Bulldogs is one the high end players in the 2024 NFL mock draft. Moreover, he is a winner of the John Mackey Award and Two time all american award in the year 2022. Thus, he is a way better choice than Kyle Pitts and Brock Browers is one of the few backfield players which makes him superior to the rest of the payers in the team.

6. Arizona Cardinals

Despite being nineteen, Joe Alt has managed to secure a PFF grade due to his run blocking. He is very likely to develop into an all-pro left tackle. Moreover, Caleb Williams as the main player, Joe Alt with Johnson Jr in the positions of Tacklers will safeguard the team for the long term.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

For Tampa Bay quarterback will be the main priority. Dallas Turner is the only choice for the defensive player because there are no strong alternatives in this place. Therefore, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are focusing their training on him for the 2024 draft.

8. Las Vegas Raiders

Alabama Crimson Tide cornerback Kool-Aid Mckitnstry was amongst the top defensive players in the 2023 season. Moreover, after being coached for the past three years at Alabama he is the best choice for Las Vegas 2024 draft,

9. Denver Broncos

Although Denver Broncos have some good defensive talent, however, they need to focus on the pass rush. Last season, Jared Verse was predicted to be in the top twenty players of the NFL draft 2023. He can still maintain his position in the top ten pass rusher pick for the 2024 draft.

10. Atlanta Falcons

J.T. Tuimoloau is a reliable source of rushers for Ohio State. Although he is a young player but he is considered to be one of the top defensive linemen football players. Thus, with the help of coaches and training, he can take a step further and be the top pick of the 2024 draft.

11. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has a deal with Xavier Worthy for improving his game within the course of seventeen game season. In return, Green Bay will make sure he plays in the 2024 draft. Xavier will be an ideal addition to their offense next season.

12. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders' last season's early pick won't be sufficient for a cornerback in the 2024 NFL draft. Therefore, keeping in mind Andrew Mukuba's performance in 2021 it will safe to select him in the top ten NFL draft 2024 players.

13. New England Patriots

During the 2023 season, Mac Jones managed to maintain his quarterback image. However, for the 2024 NFL draft, there will still be a need for an offensive tackler. With Alabama's long tradition of sending offensive linemen to the NFL, JC Latham seems to be the next best choice in line.

14. New Orlean Saints

New Orleans Saints spent enough time in training for the defensive side last season. In 2024, they will be switching to the offensive line. Donovan Jackson with his multiple blocking abilities can be beneficial for New Orleans in the upcoming season.

15. Houston Texans

Even though Houston might have to pay the price for Will Anderson Jr. in the next season as well. Luckily, they have Emeka Egbuka for the 2024 draft, who is the only capable player so far who is able to secure the top receiver position and fortunately, he gets along with C.j. Stroud.

16. New York Giants

New York Giants have made it very clear in the last season that Troy Franklin is one of the fastest players and they will be relying on him in the next drafts as well. However, New York Giants needs to work on the strategies for Danial Jones in order to maintain their team's position.

17. Chicago Bears

After the Chicago Bears hand on Jalen Carter last season, they can now concentrate on Maason Smith. Although he has been recently injured which might make him less competitive than Jalen Carter but Maason Smith has a chance to be in the top twenty players of the 2024 NFL draft.

18. Minnesota Vikings

After the failed attempt to find a potential quarterback in the last season Minnesota Vikings should shift their focus from Kirk Cousins to Quinn Ewers. Although he is still progressing as a passer, he could easily make is way up to the top fifteen players of the NFL 2024 draft.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers already have a strong base for the offensive line and for the 2024 season, they need to focus on top defenses. Fans need not to worry about the team as they have Jeremiah Trotter Jr. and Barrett Carter, who are talented athletes with incredible defensive skill sets.

20. Detroit Lions

Detriots need to rectify their mistakes from the last seasons of 2023. As they did not address the cornerback duties in the 2023 NFL season despite, Brian Branch being capable of handling nickel duties. Besides, Kamari Lassiter is the only hope for the 2024 NFL draft to turn the table with his ball skills and help the Detroit Lions to secure their position back.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars might have realized after the 2023 season that Calvin Ridley might give the team a boost but Christian and Zay Jones might be considered as a down flip. Therefore, Jaguars need to shift their focus to Lawrence and Johnny Wilson, who are the potential players for the NFL draft 2024.

22. Seattle Seahawks

Although Jalen Carter was allegedly on the top list of Seattle Seahawks in the NFL draft in 2023. However, for the 2024 NFL draft, Michael Hall would be a more effective pick in order to answer the D-line. He can famous for his sportsmen's spirit and for never giving up on the field. It will be interesting for the audience and analysts to watch him play in the 2024 Draft.

23. Baltimore Ravens

Interestingly, Baltimore Ravens in the 2023 draft opted not to upgrade their cornerback issue. Thus, for the 2024 NFL draft, they will be going with Denzel Bruke's average balling skills.

24. Los Angeles Chargers

For the 2023 NFL draft, Austin Ekeler seemed to make his way through the season but unfortunately, he will not be able to continue it next season. TreVeyon Henderson will be taking charge in the 2024 NFL draft as a backfield threat to the opponents.

25. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills need to pull their focus from Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde as both of them have crossed twenty-three years of age. The bills' top priority should change for the NFL draft 2024. However, Cole Bishop successfully deals with every technique on the field. From covering receivers to having the ability to make an impact on the line of scrimmage, he will be the top player for the Bills in 2024.

26. Miami Dolphins

For now, Miami Dolphins' main focus should be to prioritize Tua Tagovailoa. In addition, with the help of Donovan Jackson will be able to make a strong defensive line for the NFL draft 2024.

27. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals have got an easy pick for the NFL draft 2024. Ja'Tavion Sanders is an all-rounder and a passionate receiver. Once he has the ball, it gets difficult for the opponent to catch up with his speed, thus, he will be an excellent pick for 2024.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Terrion Arnold with the help of Trevon Diggs from Alabama will make a good pair for Dallas Cowboys in the 2024 NFL draft. With Diggs's exceptional ball skills and Arnold changing position, the Cowboys can secure their position in the top ten NFL ranking.

29. Green Bay Packers

The analysts fantasize about the players like Calen Bullock. He is good with speed and covering the opponent on the field. Although many believe that he is better in the box but Bullock's strength can be improved in his defense abilities which can be used against the opponents in the NFL draft 2024.

30. San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers need to realize that Trent Williams' will be retiring soon and they yet have to find Mike McGlinchey's alternative. The only best suitable option available for the 2024 NFL draft is Kingsley Suamataia.

31. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles can easily jump into the 2024 NFL draft with last year's players, Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson. However, it is always good to think a step ahead, and Zion Nelson can be the next best choice to fill in the space.

32. Kansas City Chiefs

For Kansas City Chiefs, Jeremiah Trotter Jr., seems to be the most suitable choice for the NFL 2024 draft. He might not be the fastest player but his intuitions always work on the field and in his favor. His broad skill set allows him to cover a Blitzer which contributes to the success of Kansas City Chiefs.

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