Net worth of Roger Staubach -Dallas cowboys Legend

Net worth of Roger Staubach -Dallas cowboys Legend


Roger Staubach is a renowned name in the football community. He is also known as "Captain America" or "Captain Comeback," is a beloved Dallas Cowboys player. Between 1969 and 1979, he spent the full 11 years of his playing career with the same team. He guided the Cowboys to five Super Bowl appearances, winning two of them. Additionally, he was named the MVP of Super Bowl VI. Four times during his career, Staubach was the league's top passer. Heisman Trophy winner and Navy veteran Roger Staubach signed on with the Dallas Cowboys as a rookie in 1969 at the age of 27, earning a beginning salary of $25,000 annually—a long cry from the $610,000 minimum compensation for rookies today.

How much money does Roger Staubach have in 2023?

Roger Staubach has a long history in football and for his country. The well-known Cowboys quarterback was one of the highest-paid players in the NFL at the time, with his most recent salary of $160,000 in 1979. Roger Staubach greatly increased his wealth after retiring from football and establishing himself as an investment tycoon. Roger Staubach has a sizable net worth of $600 million as of 2023.

How much does Roger Staubach earn?

When Roger Staubach played regularly, the NFL was not a multi-billion-dollar league. During his first year as a Cowboy, he earned $25,000 in salary. In 1976, about halfway through his career, this amount reached $95,000. In 1979, his final year as an NFL player, Staubach made $160,000 in salary. This was his highest salary ever.

Net Worth: $650 Million
Name: Roger Staubach 
Salary: $50 Million + 
Monthly Income: $5 Million + 
Date of Birth: February 5, 1942 
Age: 81 Yrs
Gender: Male 
Height: 1.91m (6' 3") 
Weight: 89 kg or 197 lbs  
Profession: Former football player 
Nationality: American



Home of Roger Staubach's Assets

Of all the athletes present, Roger Staubach is the wealthiest and has a healthy income. He is American and owns numerous properties in that area. Roger owns a number of apartments in addition to his enormous Los Angeles villa. He has a chateau in different pieces of America. Moreover, Roger Staubach Investments Staubach, in contrast to the majority of other football players, did not wait until he retired to begin working on ventures other than his football career. In the 1970s, he worked as a real estate broker during the offseason.

Through the remainder of the 20th century and into the early 2000s, Staubach contributed to the expansion of the company's clientele through years of laborious effort. Staubach formed a partnership with Jones Long LaSalle, a Chicago-based real estate firm, to expand his services abroad. Jones Long LaSalle purchased the Staubach Co. in 2008 for $640 million, which was distributed over a number of years. Additionally, in the past, Staubach and former teammate Troy Aikman co-owned NASCAR Cup Series team Hall of Fame Racing.

Collection of automobiles

Roger Staubach, a living legend, enjoys owning exquisite automobiles. He has a huge collection of cars, some of which are old and some of which are exotic. He possesses a Puma F type, Rolls Royce, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet, Portage, Mercedes, and a couple of something else.

Business Initiatives

Together with his business partner, Robert Holloway Jr., Staubach founded The Staubach Company in 1977. Prior to that, he began working for the Henry S. Miller Company in real estate during his off-seasons from 1970 to 1977. In 1982, he bought Holloway out. The Staubach Company has worked with well-known corporations like AT&T, McDonald's, K Mart Corporation, and the Hospital Corporation of America. It also owns a stake in 27 distinct apartment buildings in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. After leaving the field of competitive athletics, he concentrated on The Staubach Company, where he served as chairman and CEO until announcing his resignation on June 20, 2007.

Currently one of the richest NFL Players

Staubach made almost $160,000 per year in 1979 after his ten seasons with the Cowboys were over, which included two Super Bowl victories, five appearances, and the NFL MVP award. (For comparison, O.J. Simpson, an NFL star, earned about $806,668 that year. However, because to a side business he developed during his off-seasons, Staubach, 78, is presently one of the richest NFL players in history with an estimated net worth of $600 million. Back then, NFL salaries weren't “outrageous" Staubach worked as a real estate salesman for Henry S. Miller Co., one of the biggest independent commercial real estate companies in Texas, following his rookie season in 1970, as mentioned earlier. His seven-year stint as a part-time employee came to an end when he decided to strike out on his own and found The Staubach Company in 1977.

An estimated summary of Roger Staubach's career earnings

However, his career earnings skyrocketed when he switched to real estate, and The Staubach Company now generates millions of dollars annually.

  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 1974 - $75,000
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 1975 - $75,000
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 1976 - $95,000
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 1980 - $160,000
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 2008 - $73.5 million
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 2013 - $12 million
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 2014 - $4.4 million
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 2017 - $35.4 million
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 2020 - $127.5 million
  • Roger Staubach's Compensation In 2022 - $50 million

Staubach built up a substantial clientele over the following three decades to assist renters in finding office, retail, and industrial space. The business employed 1,600 people and had more than 70 offices in North America by 2008. Staubach sold his business to Jones Lang Lasalle, a Chicago-based real estate brokerage company, for $613 million in that year. Staubach stated that he "learned a lot about teamwork, resiliency, and perseverance in football" and that these lessons translated well into business during a real estate luncheon in 2010.

Awards and Achievements throughout his life span

Huge numbers of his accomplishments came during his experience with the Dallas Cowpokes and his school years. Roger Staubach received the following prestigious awards throughout his career:

  • 1963: Roger Staubach wins the Heisman Prize while playing football at the US Maritime Foundation
  • 1971: Staubach wins the first of four Super Dishes with the Dallas Cowpokes, overcoming the Miami Dolphins 24-3
  • 1976: The American Foundation of Accomplishment grants him the Brilliant Plate Grant, which has additionally been given to Stevie Marvel, Jeff Bezos, and Oprah Winfrey for their accomplishments
  • 1981: For his contributions to the sport, Staubach has been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • 2007: On their list of the Top 25 College Football Players of All Time, ESPN places Staubach ninth

He was also featured on a Dallas Cowboys limited edition watch signed by Staubach, and his watch collection is impressive. Furthermore, highlights of Roger Staubach's prosperous life can be divided into two distinct periods, with his athletic career paving the way for his success as an investor and businessman. As a professional footballer, Staubach went from being one of the world's wealthiest athletes to accumulating a sizeable net worth in his later years. Roger Staubach's career highlights include the following:

  • 1963: Staubach wins a number of awards and trophies while playing for the Navy, including the Maxwell Award for leading the Midshipmen
  • 1969: He makes his NFL debut for the Dallas Cowboys as a rookie after being selected several years earlier
  • 1980: Staubach resigns from football with the most noteworthy profession passer rating
  • 1996: The Navy Staubach received the Lone Sailor Award in recognition of his service
  • 2018: Staubach, the first player to receive the award, is presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by US President Donald Trump

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